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Here at A-1 Pressure Washing We Treat Mold like a Pesticide, Not With High Pressure.

Roof Mold, also known as Gloeocapsa Magma, is a living airbourne organisim that feeds on the limestone filler that maunfactures use for shingle strength, as it rains the water will continue to feed the mold and spread it further down your shingles causing black streaks. If the Mold is not removed, not only will it soon take over your entire roof causing an ugly eye sore, but also causing premature aging, damages, and possibly leaks.

What makes our company stand out in Roof Cleaning Service is we only use Florida manufactuer recommeneded chemicals, equipment, and specifications to properly remove nasty mold from shingle, tile, or metal roofs.

Manufacturer Specifications strictly state to only use a light 'chemical only' cleaning process, also known as Soft Washing your roof to remove mold & extend your warranty, and to never use a pressure washer!

At A-1 we provide our customers with the highest quality roof cleaning available in Southwest Florida. Even though we are a pressure washing company, we DO NOT USE A PRESSURE WASHER to clean dirty roofs. We only use the approved methods by the R.C.I.A. ( Roof Cleaning Institute of America) as well as the A.R.M.A. (Asphalt Roofing Manufacures Association) for proper removal of roof mold and preventing future mold growth.

What is Soft Washing?
"Soft Washing" is a commonly used term by pressure cleaners & roof cleaners when cleaning without the use of high pressure is used to remove mold & algae. Utilizing this equipment eliminates the potential for DAMAGE that pressure washing can cause to sensitive surfaces when using too much pressure. It is safe and effective for cleaning roofs along with all types of siding including; stucco, brick, vinyl, aluminum, and wood.

We are able to achieve these results with low pressure pumps & PSI regulators, better known as a commercial pesticide spraying system producing pressure the same as your garden hose. We combine the use of these pumps along with proprietary professional cleaning solutions that we custom mix on site for each property's specific cleaning needs and for maximum cleaning results.

Remember: No Pressure=No Damage, With our exclusive Soft Wash Systems we are SW Florida's #1 recommended choice for proper roof cleaning. Our compnay can safely and effectivly remove mold from your shingle, tile, or metal roof along with preventing future mold growth for a minimum of 3 years.

Do You Have Mold Streaks on Your Roof???

Don't Replace Your Shingle Roof...Revive It!!!

After Shingle Roof Has Been Cleaned - LIKE NEW!

Customer Was Told Her Shingle Roof Needed to be Replaced. She Was Quoted $6,800 & Would Take 3-5 Days for Completion

We Removed All Mold With Our Soft Wash System
My Crew Had It Done In Under 2 Hours - Saving Her over $6,000!!

65% of Shingle Roofs are replaced due to the way they look...
This is not because of their functionality. Half of the roofs ever replaced in the Midwest didn't need replaced, only cleaned. Just as mold and mildew can grow on your vinyl siding, wind blown algae can land and grow on your roof causing black streaks and discoloration. Replacing your roof because of this algae is like replacing your TV because you lost the remote; it just doesn't make sense!

Some roofing contractors know these black streaks are just mold, but tell you it's the asphalt showing through the shingles or that it's water stains. Some contractors may know it's algae but tell you it can't be cleaned without damaging the shingles. In either case, they may tell you that the roof needs replaced, because a roof salesman job is to do one thing; sell you on a roof replacement. This is not true if your shingles are still in good shape. The algae can be killed and removed properly without damaging the shingles using a low pressure chemical application as recommended by shingle manufacturers.

Besides diminishing curb appeal, what other damage can roof Mold do?
Shingle composite roofs are layered with a protective coating of granules to reflect the suns ultra violet rays, and tile along with metal composite roofs have a protective clear coat to reflect UV rays. As the mold continues to feed and spread across your roof it will prevent your roof shingles from reflecting heat from the sun's UV rays. When this happens it will affect your home's heating and cooling costs without you even realizing.

But it doesn't end there, if the mold is not properly removed it will continue to feed and spread which will cause your Shingle, Tile, or Metal roof to diminish prematurely costing your THOUSANDS in damages.

We do not recommend cleaning shingles that are in need of being replaced. If you're not sure if your roof needs replaced or cleaned, here are some signs of an aged roof:

  • brittle,crumbling, or loose shingles
  • excessive amount of shingle granules in your gutters
  • bottom corners of shingled curled up
  • wavy, warped, or heaved shingles

    Give us a call today if you are still unsure about the status of your roof.
    We will be glad to evaluate it and give your roof a FREE SPOT DEMONSTRATION

    No Pressure Shingle Roof Cleaning

    Shingle Black Streak Removal

    Before Tile Roof Cleaning

    After Tile Roof Cleaning

    What is the Difference between Pressure Cleaning and Soft Washing?
    Traditional pressure cleaning companies use high pressure gas powered machines with water pressure ratings between 2800-4000 PSI. This method also requires you to walk all over your roof to blast away mold, but look what else they have blasted off, your asphalt shingle granules and protective coating on your tile shingles!

    Pressure washing your roof will only remove the surface layer of mold that is growing on your roof, and will push the mold spores deeper in the pores of your roof that is feeding on your roof, causing the mold to return sooner and taking over your roof all over again.

    A pressure washer will DESTROY all granuales on an asphalt shingle roof, and leave what we call in the roof cleaning industry; "Zebra Stripes" on a Tile Roof.

    Pressure Washing a metal roof is an accident waiting to happen!! Trying to walk on a metal roof and pressure cleaning the surface will turn into a slip and slide very quickly, and is VERY DANGEROUS. All metal roof cleaning projects should be soft washed and performed from the safety of ladders or ground if professionally equipped with the proper roof cleaning system.

    Every Southwest Florida Homeowner, Property Manager or Homeowner Association that has a Tile roof knows the dangers involved with walking on your roof, after so many years of pressure cleaning your roof the protective coating has completely diminished causing color loss & cracked tiles! Taking away years of life from your roof! These other companies also tell you there is no way to prevent future mold growth and must be power washed every 1-2 years or charge an additional $300-500 for a 2 year warranty, and they are wrong!

    You shouldn't have to replace your roof due to incompitent and unexperienced roof cleaning companies. If your roof is properly cleaned by Manufacturer Specifications using a Soft Wash System, as well as proprietary cleaning solutions your roof cleaning will last 4-5 Times Longer Than A Pressure Cleaner.

    With A-1 Pressure Washing we gently and safely clean roofs using approved mold removers and mildacides to completely clean as well as protect your shingles. Our exclusive Soft Wash system is a Commercial Electric Pesticide Spraying System pushing out a maximum 70 PSI - Garden hose pressure with no loud bulky machine

    Roof Mold is No Match Against Our Soft Wash System
    Shingle, Tile, Metal Roof Cleaning

    Years of Filthy Mold Safely Washed Away
    Guaranteed Protected For 3 Years

    Our Products Were Formulated to Revive Your Roof & Prevent Furture Mold Growth
    Every Roof Cleaning Comes Backed by 3 Year Mold-FREE Warranty

    Soft Washing is the only method recommended by roofing manufactures to safely clean and kill 100% of the mold feeding on your roof shingles. Soft washing uses proprietary blend of cleaning chemicals to suffocate the mold spores and pull it out of the pores, the cleaner starts by attacking deep into the pores, sufficating all bacteria and suspending all dirt and mold molecules to gently rinse off your shingles, killing 100% of the mold and resulting in a roof that will stay clean for 4-5 years.

    Stop throwing away money year after year having your roof pressure cleaned. After each roof cleaning we present our customers with a written certificate of completion for a 3 Year Mold-FREE Warranty.

    Free Inspections:
    If any Mold or algae should reappear on your roof shingles before our warranty expires we will gladly return and retreat the infected area(s) FREE of charge.

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    A-1 Pressure Washing & Roof Cleaning
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    A-1 Pressure Washing has been proudly serving SouthWest Florida Since 1996, our staff and crew understand the value of our clients' properties, along with the level of care that is required to properly clean their properties.

    As property owners ourselves, we understand exactly how you feel and what you're looking for in a power washing & roof cleaning contractor. You're looking for a professional cleaner that you can trust to take exceptional care in restoring the beauty of your property, but with the same care and attention to detail that you yourself would use.

    You don't have to look any further!
    A-1 Pressure Washing will go above and beyond to exceed your expectations in every way. Our cleaning staff is commited to providing quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction with every power washing, roof cleaning, and window cleaning service we perform.

    We treat every home and building as if it were our own, our employees do not leave the job until we have our customers 100% satisfaction with our services.

    From a single walkway, communities as a whole, to 10 Story high rise buildings...
    A-1 Pressure Washing has the equipment, highly trained staff, along with experience to handled any job you may have in a timely and professional manner. No job to big or small, we treat every project with care and quality is guaranteed.

    Commited to Quality. Commited to You
    With our dedication to excellence, outstanding customer service, and attention to detail;
    A-1 Pressure Washing is the #1 choice for SouthWest Florida's cleaning solutions.

    Don't let your home or office suffer another season of harsh Mold and Mildew.
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